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Results Oriented

1. Working with Sarb is a pleasure. His professionalism is unmatched. By Devon Owen

2.Sarb is detail-oriented and produces great results for his clients. He is on top of market conditions and growth. By Sabeena Bubber.

3.My experience with Sarb has been a very positive one, he is truly professional. He has extensive knowledge. Detailed and diligent, I would recommend Sarb to anyone who wants a Realtor with real insight into the home they are choosing. By Denise Salmon

4. Sarb is quite unique amongst realtors, as he has two key traits. Having built a number of houses himself on the North Shore in a high-quality west coast style, Sarb has a deep appreciation of value beyond just location. As a realtor, Sarb has built on this experience and his knowledge of drivers of house price movements to provide a complete internal and external perspective of the housing market with perspectives that are based on my needs. I often wonder how realtors define themselves, in Sarb I do not need to. By Randy Johal

5. Have known Sarb for over 20 years, he is professional, honest, hardworking, and would personally work with him. By Gord D.

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